Things I Love Thursday: Loopy Shawls and E-Books

Happy Thursday, beautiful people of the world!

It’s been an unbearably cold (to say the least) week here in New York City. We had a beautiful snow the other morning that turned out to be a greeting from frozen hell. Thus, I have officially sworn off the outside world for the next two months and will only be found burrowing next to Klaus for warmth.

Here are a few things this week that still made my heart all warm and tingly…

♥ The Pattern I’m Publishing Tomorrow ♥ I’ve been working on a foxy loop stitch shawl the past few days, and I’ll be posting a how-to of the shawl and the loop stitch itself–it’s a seriously addicting technique. In the mean time, enjoy the sneak peak of the project in the picture above!

♥ Mozart in the Jungle ♥ This Amazon original series centers around the private lives and behind-the-scenes drama of professional classical musicians. All it really took was reading the description for me to be hooked, but I am loving it nonetheless. And no one even paid me to say this! You know this love is real if it meant I had to overcome my fear of Bernadette Peters’s neck.

♥ Nicki Minaj in W Magazine ♥ Artist Franceso Vezzoli recently collaborated with Nicki Minaj for an insanely stunning portrait series in which Minaj is transformed into various powerful and beautiful women of the 18th century. This is a combination of everything good and right in the world. She the entire collaboration HERE.

♥ Reading for Pleasure ♥ My stubborn, rooted in the magic of the past self would be shocked to hear me say this, but: I got a Kindle for Christmas–and I love it. I’ve been bringing it with me everywhere (from the bedroom to the living room and back) and have fallen back into the delicious groove of reading for fun and pleasure. Maybe my arms were just too weak to hold up those heavy books? I’m currently embroiled in Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain (enlightening, but not for the faint of heart), #Girlboss (a new seminal classic here at H&A HQ), and Gone Girl (better without Ben Affleck’s eyebrows every ten seconds).

♥ Frankie Cosmos at Brooklyn Magazine ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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