Favorite Yarns: Fleece Artist Merino Stream

Maker: Fleece Artist

Name: Merino Stream

Weight: Bulky

Content: 100% Wool

Yardage: 140m/250g per skein

Color: Ivory

I discovered Fleece Artist’s insanely beautiful hand-dyed yarns a couple months ago at Downtown Yarns in the East Village. Being the angelic little doughy angels they are, they’re pretty hard to resist. The texture of a more thickly and loosely spun yarn is so fun to work with, and I think the results look and feel insanely luxurious. I made my winter hat (the rollover pom-pom beanie above from half a skein and I’m obsessed. It’s rare to find a yarn that’s thick but still has so much movement.

What really made me decide I no longer needed $60 for food and shelter was the color. Such a subtle but interesting and complex colorway!

Strangely, when searching for more information about this yarn to share with you guys, I wasn’t able to track down a single thing about Fleece Artist’s Merino Stream collection! They currently have “Big Blue” in stock, which is the same fiber content and weight, but isn’t quite the dreamy bundle you see before you. Nary a pinch of info on Ravelry, either! If you have any info on this apparently ultra-top-secret yarn, let us know!


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