Things I Love Thursday: Bjork is Back + Dancing Fruit

♥ Turning Klaus into a puppy burrito ♥

Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life ♥ Preach.

♥ Winding Yarn ♥ For Christmas, I was given a Stanwood Needlecraft yarn ball winder. I feel freakish admitting that turning yarn into neat little cakes is insanely satisfying…but I’m admitting to it nonetheless.  

The Bean Coffee Shop ♥ The Bean probably tops the list of my most-frequented places in NYC. It’s insanely cozy, the chai latte is mind-blowing, and I always find myself to be so productive when I get to work there. 

♥ Bjork ♥ Via instagram, Bjork announced the release of her upcoming album, Vulnicura. Just two more months until the Queen will grace us with new odes to moss and stars.

♥ Princess Jellyfish ♥ This 10-episode anime series became an instant favorite after the first episode. The story follows a young illustrator and her housemates, who live in a girls-only “nun house.” Though sometimes absurd and sometimes trope-filled, the beautiful narrative about a woman on her own for the first time is too real.

♥ ベジタリズム ♥ Eee!

♥ Nothing But Flowers ♥ ♥♥♥

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