Hare & Anser is L.A. Bound!


I have always been infinitely jealous of those select few who always seem to escape the cold weather when it’s at its worst. There’s no feeling quite like sitting on top of your malfunctioning radiator while scrolling through Instagram to see everyone you know cartwheeling across the white sands of Aruba.

Finally…my day has come! I am the chosen one! Well, chosen by my boyfriend to accompany him on a journey back to his homeland of California, but that’s all in the fine print.

Yes ma’am–for the next seven days I will be forgoing the icy and slushy perils of New York City in favor of the everpresent sunshine of Los Angeles. Siri just informed me I can expect temperatures up to 79 degrees! That’s 79 whole degrees more than a girl could hope for!

Anyway, I’m so excited to share this trip with you! I’ll be eating and knitting my way through a veritable paradise and taking thousands of pictures while doing it.




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