Love is in the Air: 7 Romantic Valentine’s Day Patterns

Try as I might to fulfill the bitter old crone label that my mostly black wardrobe and dislike of babies would suggest, I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. Go ahead, internet, go ahead and tell me that Valentine’s Day was created to make us feel sorry for our lonely selves and put an annual spike in Hershey’s profits as a result. Yet, I always thought the joke was on Hallmark. Of course I want to eat this candy and of course I want an excuse to be overly emotional  and of course I want to watch Sweet Home Alabama. So really, thanks for the opportunity. 

I know I am a minority in holding this opinion, but I really do wish more people felt the same! Valentine’s Day is a lovely and luscious time of year, regardless of your relationship status or Tinder exploits. So why not try to love the love a little bit? Mwah!

1.) The Jackie O-Tee by Pickles

2.) Dot the I by Flowermouse Designs

3.) Peace and Love Sweater by Anna Ravenscroft

4.) “Eye Candy” Colorful Reversible Eye Mask by Lauren Riker

5.) LoveSocks by Devon Clement

6.) Moss Stitch Bow Headband by Stephanie Fail

7.) Valentine Heart by Sachi Ishii


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