Things I Love Thursday: Spring is in the Air Edition

In New York City, the 60-degree benchmark has officially been breached. This means I can now publicly eat ice cream without a distinct sense of shame (see above, where I was stuffing my face at Big Gay Ice Cream less than 24 hours ago). There’s so much to be over-zealously happy about right now, so let’s jump on the bed together and *Kristen Wiig voice* partaaaaay!

Lord of the Rings in Concert ♥ Oh you know I did. Way back in October, my boyfriend gifted me with a pair of tickets to see The Return of the King at Lincoln Center featuring a live orchestra and choir performing the soundtrack alongside the film. I entered hibernation for the next five months until last weekend…it was here! For the record, I only cried twice.  

♥ Roxane Gay I picked up Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist a couple weeks ago and proceeded to read it through twice. Ever since, I have been worshiping her Twitter account and reveling in her glory. 

♥ Angel Haze’s Social Media Presence ♥ Speaking of Twitter, I hath returned to my former social media flame (Follow @anoodlegirl for excessive re-tweets of Uber Facts). Possibly the single best thing about Twitter is following @AngelHaze and discovering their near-constant comedy gold. 

♥ Wiener Dogs in Pools ♥ This is a new subculture that I am pioneering this very second. You are welcome, society. 

♥ Kramer Chic ♥ My wardrobe goals for the near (and far) future and Kramer-centric. Bowling shirts, creased pants, lack of hairbrush. I think it’s the aesthetic the world has been waiting for. I plan on writing a more comprehensive guide to the application of Kramer-chic to the 21st Century Woman. 

Clearly all of the pollen in the air is making me feel fantastically silly! I am off to stock up on my Claritin rations, but I hope your week is insanely fantastic!

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