The Perfect Summer Sandal Has Been Discovered…And It’s $50

Finding the perfect shoes for summer can be almost as hellish as the 96% humidity you must endure while wearing them. I think flip-flops belong in the Springfield Tire Fire, but I don’t have the requisite $700 for the Italian leather sandals The Sartorialist thinks I need. What’s a gal to do?

I’ll tell you what: make your way to Topshop and buy the Hetty Cleated Sandal.

While perusing the racks of shorteralls and angular crop tops of the Topshop sale rack yesterday, I came upon these babies. If appearance wasn’t enough to convince me, I tried them on and my feet immediately went “woah.” How can a pair of shoes be so cute yet so squishy? Even if I never find the answer, I may still end up as the owner of every color before the summer is out…

For the ultimate test, I wore these sandals all day today. I walked many an avenue back and forth and found not for a second did I want to hack off my legs at the ankle. Miraculous!


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