This is What Real Fitness Looks Like

Who doesn’t want to be healthier/fitter/more confident and comfortable in their own body? Duh! Of course there are the select few who have already reached curvaceous nirvana and shall never want for a push up. But for many, a balanced diet and exercise combo is a great system for boosting physical and emotional well-being. 

Strangely, the fitness community, both online and in the “real world” is populated with the same naturally thin blondes in pink $120 Nike sports bras. This is the ideal that we, as people focused on physical fitness, are given to aspire to. But…when was the last time you perfectly contoured your face to go to the gym?

Exercise is sweaty, brutal, exhilarating, and fun! Fitness doesn’t follow a strict set of rules and isn’t confined to a snobby gym. Larger people aren’t necessarily unhealthy, and the reverse applies for their smaller counterparts. No one should feel pressured to be sexy or appealing when exercising–the focus is internal! Why don’t we see that in conventional representations? Surprise people! Not everyone capable of running a marathon is a 25 year-old, size 0 ballerina. 

If you’re thinking “damn straight!” then may I offer you a virtual high five. May I also introduce you to the wonderful world of This Girl Can, a British campaign aiming to end the judgment and shame many are often subjected to for simply wanting to be active! This Girl Can has created a network of women celebrating simply “doing it!” no matter how well/fast/accurately they happen to go about it.  Check out their incredible ad campaign below:


Go forth and kick some ass,


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