Every Jane Austen Movie Adaptation & Where to Watch Them

Much to the annoyance of, well, pretty much everyone, I am the worst person to watch a movie with. I strike down nearly every suggestion, thinking to myself “Oh sure, The Pianist may be objectively good–but this is 1/12th of this day I’m never going to get back people!” 

That being said, there is one film category I will never turn down: Jane Austen adaptations. Every white ballgown, every discussion of propriety, every embarrassingly uncomfortable 90’s actor in a waistcoat all swirls together in a delicious ice cream soup that’s just as good every time. 

I’ve assembled a list of all TV and film adaptations from 1990-present. There were plenty before 1990, of course, but if you just want to watch bad wigs you can do that on your own time. Most are available on major streaming sources, but there were several to be found only from more dubious purveyors. Also to note, this list is exclusively of strict adaptations of Austen’s novels, i.e. half of the movie is overhead shots of the English countryside. There is an infinite number of spin-offs, of which you can find an exhaustive list here (and might I recommend Bride & Prejudice). 

Anyway, go forth, drink some wine, knit a shawl, and contemplate why Mr. Bingley is so damn underrated. 



BBC Mini-Series (2009)Watch on Hulu

Feature Film (1996) – Watch on Movie2kto

Mansfield Park

TV Movie (2007) – Watch on Project Free TV

Feature Film (1999) – Watch on Netflix / Watch on Amazon Prime

Northanger Abbey

Masterpiece TV Movie (2007) – Watch on Hulu / Watch on YouTube


TV Movie (2007)Watch on YouTube

Pride & Prejudice

Feature Film (2005) – Watch on HDMovie14

BBC Mini Series (1995)Watch on Amazon Prime / Watch on Hulu

Sense & Sensibility

TV Mini-Series (2008) – Watch on Hulu

Feature Film (1995) – Watch on Amazon Prime

Jane Austen-Related

“Becoming Jane” Feature Film (2007) – Watch on FFilms.org


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