Writing As Of Late

Happy Halloween/November/Thanksgiving/Fall/Everything Else I’ve Missed as I’ve been busy writing every day. I’m currently penning prose for The Pulp Zine, Bustle, and NYU Local. As hectic as things have been, I’ve written a few articles I’m quite proud of. 

  • I Asked My Dad If He’s A Feminist” – via Bustle. I was thrilled to receive this assignment from my editor, and slightly more nervous in its actual creation. The reaction to this piece from friends, family, and random strangers on the internet has been really spectacular. I’d be honored if you read it yourself. 
  • Once Upon A Time, I Was A Lolita” – via The Pulp Zine. In which I recount the dramatic tale of my middle school life devoted to the style of fashion known as Elegant Gothic Lolita. Just writing this article made me so tempted to buy myself something from Angelic Pretty…
  • An Open Love Letter To The Power And Magic Of Grimes” – via NYU Local. So, Grimes was in town last week and naturally I had to write something about it. I genuinely can’t believe my editors let me get away with publishing something that is essentially ruminations on why she is the most perfect human being of all time. I also don’t think I’ve ever written anything faster in my entire life?
  • NaNoWriMo – Yep, I’m doing it this year. Amidst organizing my first essay collection and wrapping up my first novel, I decided to indulge and start an entirely new novel on November 1st (err…it was more like November 3rd, honestly). The goal is to write 50,000 words in the month of November. Currently, I’m at approximately 20,000 words. It’s become pretty evident I won’t meet the goal, but I’ve quite fallen in love with what I’m writing and hopefully it will be complete sometime in December (maybe NaNoWriMo should make “runner up” t-shirts for novels completed by Christmas?)

That’s just the highlights of pieces from the past few weeks. I’m sure you wouldn’t be as interested in the “X Pictures Of Puppies In Leaves!” filler I get paid to create. Or would you? 

On another note, I hope your ~*holiday season*~ is off to a fabulous and relaxing start. I’m heading home this Wednesday myself (keep me in your travel prayers plz) for a few days of maximum chilling. In knitting news, I hope to have a new free pattern posted within the next week, and I am currently designing a surprise holiday D.I.Y. that I’m mucho excited for. 

I love you all! 




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