Things I Love Thursday: Spring is in the Air Edition

In New York City, the 60-degree benchmark has officially been breached. This means I can now publicly eat ice cream without a distinct sense of shame (see above, where I was stuffing my face at Big Gay Ice Cream less than 24 hours ago). There’s so much to be over-zealously happy about right now, so let’s jump on the bed together and *Kristen Wiig voice* partaaaaay!

Lord of the Rings in Concert ♥ Oh you know I did. Way back in October, my boyfriend gifted me with a pair of tickets to see The Return of the King at Lincoln Center featuring a live orchestra and choir performing the soundtrack alongside the film. I entered hibernation for the next five months until last weekend…it was here! For the record, I only cried twice.  

♥ Roxane Gay I picked up Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist a couple weeks ago and proceeded to read it through twice. Ever since, I have been worshiping her Twitter account and reveling in her glory. 

♥ Angel Haze’s Social Media Presence ♥ Speaking of Twitter, I hath returned to my former social media flame (Follow @anoodlegirl for excessive re-tweets of Uber Facts). Possibly the single best thing about Twitter is following @AngelHaze and discovering their near-constant comedy gold. 

♥ Wiener Dogs in Pools ♥ This is a new subculture that I am pioneering this very second. You are welcome, society. 

♥ Kramer Chic ♥ My wardrobe goals for the near (and far) future and Kramer-centric. Bowling shirts, creased pants, lack of hairbrush. I think it’s the aesthetic the world has been waiting for. I plan on writing a more comprehensive guide to the application of Kramer-chic to the 21st Century Woman. 

Clearly all of the pollen in the air is making me feel fantastically silly! I am off to stock up on my Claritin rations, but I hope your week is insanely fantastic!

Things I Love Thursday: Mushy Valentine’s Day Edition

Illustration by Kate Fustich

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.

— Lucille Ball

This is such a strange time of year. Despite the red and pink hearts on every surface, people seem more embittered than ever. Groans of “What should I get my stupid boyfriend?” and “Another year single!” fill the air. The percentage of people who genuinely revel in the magical love of Valentine’s Day seems to dwindle every year, but why?

I challenge you to have a beautiful and love-filled weekend! This certainly doesn’t mean you need to have a significant other. In fact, I encourage you, regardless of relationship status, to reach out to other people who fill your heart with sparkly stuff: parents, friends, siblings, teachers, your barista, YOURSELF! 

Celebrate what feels good and don’t ignore the importance of loving and feeling loved simply because of the stigmas attached to Valentine’s Day. 

Here’s what’s making me bat my eyelashes lately:

♥ My current read: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr ♥ Baby Klaus ♥ Morning Phase by Beck (sorry not sorry Kanye) ♥ Knitting with Berroco Vintage DK ♥ LimeCrime’s Cashmere ♥ Care packages from mommy dearest feat. large quantities of blankets ♥ Care packages from pops feat. LSAT study guides (eep!) ♥ Having a yoga routine and stickin’ to it! ♥ My creative writing course–I’m feeling mad reinvigorated ♥ Trader Joe’s (as always) ♥ Mashed potatoes ♥ The fact that it’s starting to stay light past 5PM! ♥ Getting up early ♥ Pomegranate Juice ♥ The old man in front of me at the library watching Casablanca on his computer ♥


Love you!


Things I Love Thursday: Piglets & Psychedelia

The Spring/Summer 2014 look book for Japanese brand Katie It’s pin-up meets 1950’s good-girl. Yes and yes.

The first week of school Monday kicked off my spring semester, which is pretty much packed with goodness: my first law class, creative writing, and textile design amongst other things. I’m stoked!

This amazing list of free online educational resources  It features everything from language learning to free textbooks to music theory.

The ultra-trippy work of Justin Lovato Woah, bruh.

♥ Tiny piglets running around

Codeacademy Speaking of free learning, if you’ve ever wanted to learn HTML, Python, Java, or a plethora of other computer programming languages, I highly recommend Codeacademy. It helped me become super-confident in my coding skills and is a ton of fun.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf  That’s right, you heard it here first–I am officially the new mayor of Klausburg. Hit me with some friend codes!

What floats your boat?




Things I Love Thursday: Bjork is Back + Dancing Fruit

♥ Turning Klaus into a puppy burrito ♥

Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life ♥ Preach.

♥ Winding Yarn ♥ For Christmas, I was given a Stanwood Needlecraft yarn ball winder. I feel freakish admitting that turning yarn into neat little cakes is insanely satisfying…but I’m admitting to it nonetheless.  

The Bean Coffee Shop ♥ The Bean probably tops the list of my most-frequented places in NYC. It’s insanely cozy, the chai latte is mind-blowing, and I always find myself to be so productive when I get to work there. 

♥ Bjork ♥ Via instagram, Bjork announced the release of her upcoming album, Vulnicura. Just two more months until the Queen will grace us with new odes to moss and stars.

♥ Princess Jellyfish ♥ This 10-episode anime series became an instant favorite after the first episode. The story follows a young illustrator and her housemates, who live in a girls-only “nun house.” Though sometimes absurd and sometimes trope-filled, the beautiful narrative about a woman on her own for the first time is too real.

♥ ベジタリズム ♥ Eee!

♥ Nothing But Flowers ♥ ♥♥♥

Things I Love Thursday: Loopy Shawls and E-Books

Happy Thursday, beautiful people of the world!

It’s been an unbearably cold (to say the least) week here in New York City. We had a beautiful snow the other morning that turned out to be a greeting from frozen hell. Thus, I have officially sworn off the outside world for the next two months and will only be found burrowing next to Klaus for warmth.

Here are a few things this week that still made my heart all warm and tingly…

♥ The Pattern I’m Publishing Tomorrow ♥ I’ve been working on a foxy loop stitch shawl the past few days, and I’ll be posting a how-to of the shawl and the loop stitch itself–it’s a seriously addicting technique. In the mean time, enjoy the sneak peak of the project in the picture above!

♥ Mozart in the Jungle ♥ This Amazon original series centers around the private lives and behind-the-scenes drama of professional classical musicians. All it really took was reading the description for me to be hooked, but I am loving it nonetheless. And no one even paid me to say this! You know this love is real if it meant I had to overcome my fear of Bernadette Peters’s neck.

♥ Nicki Minaj in W Magazine ♥ Artist Franceso Vezzoli recently collaborated with Nicki Minaj for an insanely stunning portrait series in which Minaj is transformed into various powerful and beautiful women of the 18th century. This is a combination of everything good and right in the world. She the entire collaboration HERE.

♥ Reading for Pleasure ♥ My stubborn, rooted in the magic of the past self would be shocked to hear me say this, but: I got a Kindle for Christmas–and I love it. I’ve been bringing it with me everywhere (from the bedroom to the living room and back) and have fallen back into the delicious groove of reading for fun and pleasure. Maybe my arms were just too weak to hold up those heavy books? I’m currently embroiled in Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain (enlightening, but not for the faint of heart), #Girlboss (a new seminal classic here at H&A HQ), and Gone Girl (better without Ben Affleck’s eyebrows every ten seconds).

♥ Frankie Cosmos at Brooklyn Magazine ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥