On Love and Communism

OLAC“Lately, I can’t muster a single vision of grandeur. After decades spent scrawling dreams in ink, my pen gasping for breath between ideas, I feel flat and floating like a receipt caught high in the wind and swirling around the antenna tips of Midtown office buildings. It has come to my attention that my only remaining passion is to live life with as much sincerity as possible.”

In the span of 14 essays, On Love and Communism explores modern young womanhood through a Marxist-feminist lens. Covering mental health, self-care, fast fashion, romance, and #girlboss-ing, Fustich’s essays are both contemporary yet deeply rooted in political history. Influenced by Audre Lorde, Chris Kraus, and yes, Friedrich Engels, On Love and Communism is an emotional and political companion for our age.

Originally published in 2018, the second edition features two new essays.

Digital copies are available on the following sites: