Kate Hudson Convinced Me to Buy Exercise Clothes And…

My teenage anarchist self would be so pissed if she found out that Kate Hudson convinced me to buy activewear, via an advertisement on Facebook. But $25 for a complete outfit? Anyone who has ever set foot in a Nike store knows you could buy about one boob’s worth of a sports bra with $25. 

That in mind, it’s not hard to figure out why my workout wear consists largely of beat-up Soffe shorts left over from high school Ultimate Frisbee, paired with any t-shirt I ever got for free. It’s a perfectly acceptable look, certainly, but lately the wedgie-inducing shorts and suffocating polyester blend tee’s have been getting to me. So, when a 45º angled Kate Hudson invited me into a world of affordable compression and support, I shrugged and clicked. 

Now on Fabletics.com, I was directed to a fancy lil’ quiz, asking me how and where I liked to work out, and what I thought about a bunch of unfortunate color palettes. Following the quiz, I was presented with my own “personalized picks” featuring gear that best suited my needs.

The introductory $25/outfit offer applies to a specified selection of outfits, but there was still plenty to choose from. I, personally, chose the “Indio” outfit, as it had three pieces, while most had two and, as we already established, this entire mission was of the more bang for your buck variety. 

The Indio ensemble features the Barbados Tank, the Salar Crop, and Joliet High Impact Bra. You can pick and choose from several colors, but I went with the standard pink and black.

It’s worth noting: make sure you check the size guide before ordering. There’s some seriously weird vanity sizing going on. I chose my usual size in everything, but then some celestial inspiration came down upon me and provoked me to check the size guide, where measurements revealed I should actually order a size up. (And after trying everything on, thank the lawd I did!)  

Less than a week later, and my shiny new clothes arrived at my doorstep. I unpacked each piece and all I could think was “damn this is soft.” Everything was so cute I was inspired to go running right away. I put everything on, it fit like a glove, and hell yeah I looked good. Certainly an improvement from the usual reflection of a sweaty “2006 Middle School Field Day” variety. 

From the top down: the Joliet High Impact Bra was without a doubt the most hardcore support I’ve ever experienced. I generally don’t need that much support in that area, but wearing this made a noticeable difference in comfort, even for me. Bonus: it’s multi-layered, which means I was able to stash my keys and iPod in it. 

The Salar Crop was also lovely. Essentially, they keep it tight with nary a hint of a muffin top. I have seen the errors of running in yoga pants! 

Finally, the Barbados tank topped everything off really nicely. It’s ultra-drapey and doesn’t cling to the body at all, even when you start sweating hardcore. For those of us who hate the feeling of wearing a tight shirt/anything with sleeves while exercising, but also haven’t transcended to a mental state where we can be okay in just a sports bra, this top is the perfect medium. If (and I assume this is true) all of their similar tops are of the same material, I want 10 in every color. 

So yes, I am down with Fabletics. The clothes are cute. Quite cute at that. Most activewear follows a similar model, regardless of brand, so it’s more or less variations on a theme. But some of those variations are really quite rad. Some of my favorites include the Switch Back Tee, the Salar Capri, and the Sicily Top. Not too shabby, right?

Of course a well-priced pair of pants isn’t going to knock a minute off of your mile or make you able to lift five more pounds, but I found that I genuinely felt good working out in these clothes. I wasn’t bothered by the hinderances of modified street clothes (see aforementioned wedgie) and this made for an overall experience that was more fun and more productive. And best of all, I felt cute while doing it! Hot dog, I even wore a bracelet! 

So, would I recommend Fabletics to a friend? Sure! Am I going to order from them again? Probably! Especially if they give me a coupon for writing this. 


This is What Real Fitness Looks Like

Who doesn’t want to be healthier/fitter/more confident and comfortable in their own body? Duh! Of course there are the select few who have already reached curvaceous nirvana and shall never want for a push up. But for many, a balanced diet and exercise combo is a great system for boosting physical and emotional well-being. 

Strangely, the fitness community, both online and in the “real world” is populated with the same naturally thin blondes in pink $120 Nike sports bras. This is the ideal that we, as people focused on physical fitness, are given to aspire to. But…when was the last time you perfectly contoured your face to go to the gym?

Exercise is sweaty, brutal, exhilarating, and fun! Fitness doesn’t follow a strict set of rules and isn’t confined to a snobby gym. Larger people aren’t necessarily unhealthy, and the reverse applies for their smaller counterparts. No one should feel pressured to be sexy or appealing when exercising–the focus is internal! Why don’t we see that in conventional representations? Surprise people! Not everyone capable of running a marathon is a 25 year-old, size 0 ballerina. 

If you’re thinking “damn straight!” then may I offer you a virtual high five. May I also introduce you to the wonderful world of This Girl Can, a British campaign aiming to end the judgment and shame many are often subjected to for simply wanting to be active! This Girl Can has created a network of women celebrating simply “doing it!” no matter how well/fast/accurately they happen to go about it.  Check out their incredible ad campaign below:


Go forth and kick some ass,