Ignore the woman. I am a sentient bowl of spaghetti.

I’m Kate. I write fiction and non-fiction, some of which has appeared on Salon, The Pacific Standard, Jezebel, The Daily Dot, Cosmonauts Avenue, and Brooklyn Magazine, among others.

I write about sad girls, feminism, gender, and pop culture. Or, at least that’s what I want to write more of. I recently spoke at the 2016 WikiConference. Currently, I’m working on my first novel.

I graduated from New York University in 2016. I earned a B.A. in English Literature. I also studied animation and fashion design.

In 2016, I designed a video game about #GamerGate, which you can play here. I have a Medium account, which you can follow here. I am an avid knitter, and you should hit me up on Ravelry here.

I’m available for freelance work, commissions, and other cool projects with cool people. E-mail me.