Summer Reading

IT’S HOT. Not only that, but I am officially done with college and soon moving from NYC to Los Angeles, California where my immediate plans including laying on the beach until my skin is leather. In order to stave off the inevitable existential dread that comes with any newly-printed degree, I am focusing less on the “career” path and more on the “reading all the books you have put off for the last four years” path. 

My dad has an amazing habit of sending me books he reads about in the New Yorker e-mail newsletter (classy guy!). But as a result, I have amounted a vast collection of books that I’ve been forced to watch gather dust while I drag myself through The Canterbury Tales for the fourth time (no ouffense, Chaucer). 

This summer, I want to read books that will make me a more curious and adventurous reader and writer. Of course I want to get hip to the likes of Elena Ferrante and Yanagihara, but I can’t wait to dig into Uprooted, which has been recommended to me more times than I can count; or On Writing which is the concrete source of 99% of literary advice I’ve ever received. I’m also eager to dig into some Raymond Chandler, who Murakami regularly cites as one of his greatest influences. Plus new Roxane Gay? See y’all in the fall. 

What are you reading this summer?




Summer Knitting Inspiration

Heat + knitting doesn’t exactly seem like the best combination. True, it’s an excellent time to start cracking on that list of D.I.Y. holiday gifts you keep planning to make, but it can also be a time to explore new yarns, techniques, and types of projects (a.k.a. I’m gonna stop making socks for five minutes and make a linen crop top).

So, I’ve compiled some inspiration to get you jump started with your summer knitting plans! Most of the images have click-through links to free patterns, so do some exploring. I hope I’ll see you at the beach in a few weeks wearing a handmade bikini.


The Perfect Summer Sandal Has Been Discovered…And It’s $50

Finding the perfect shoes for summer can be almost as hellish as the 96% humidity you must endure while wearing them. I think flip-flops belong in the Springfield Tire Fire, but I don’t have the requisite $700 for the Italian leather sandals The Sartorialist thinks I need. What’s a gal to do?

I’ll tell you what: make your way to Topshop and buy the Hetty Cleated Sandal.

While perusing the racks of shorteralls and angular crop tops of the Topshop sale rack yesterday, I came upon these babies. If appearance wasn’t enough to convince me, I tried them on and my feet immediately went “woah.” How can a pair of shoes be so cute yet so squishy? Even if I never find the answer, I may still end up as the owner of every color before the summer is out…

For the ultimate test, I wore these sandals all day today. I walked many an avenue back and forth and found not for a second did I want to hack off my legs at the ankle. Miraculous!


Current Obsession: Mori Girl

I used to be really into Japanese street fashion. And I mean really. In my early teen years, I saved up months of pithy minimum wage paychecks in order to afford the lifestyle of a Gothic Lolita. I fell out of the style after a few years (much to the joy of my bank account) but I more or less maintain the belief that Japanese teenagers know everything there is to know about looking sweet as hell. 

Via the World of Tumblr, I’ve discovered my latest style aspiration: Mori Girl. According to Urban Dictionary, Mori Girl can be defined as “a fairly new (2007) Japanese fashion/lifestyle trend, dedicated to living a cheerful, simple, natural life of a girl in the forest.” Essentially, a Mori Girl is 50% flower, 50% sweater. 

One of the best things about Mori Girl style is its flexibility and room for creativity. There are no set rules or brands to be worshiped; it’s more about a girl’s individual experimentation. Rad!

Naturally, my train of thought eventually returned to knitting. Mori Girl is basically the dream aesthetic of any knitter or crafter. I mean, do you know how hard it is trying to update your “soft-grunge” wardrobe with knitting patterns? Puh-lease. Mori Girl on the other hand? We’re talking antique lace shawls, chunky oversized cardigans, fingerless gloves…the list is truly infinite. I can’t wait to compile a list of patterns to share with you!

If you’re looking for me this summer, I’ll be somewhere in a tree wearing a nightgown!

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