New Pattern: Peach Slice Socks


Peach Slice is a pair of squishy, stripe-y socks that are perfect for pairing with summer sandals. I made the leg slightly shorter than normal socks to give them a sportier look.

The socks are knit from the top down, which can be a bit of a confusing method if you’ve never done it before. If you’re a first-time sock knitter, I would recommend the wonderful Susan B. Anderson tutorial “How I Make My Socks.

Tosh Merino Light is a really fun yarn with just a hint of variegation and texture. One skein is a little more than enough for a pair of socks.

The pattern is currently available for download on Ravelry! So head on over!


Hare & Anser

Summer Knitting Inspiration

Heat + knitting doesn’t exactly seem like the best combination. True, it’s an excellent time to start cracking on that list of D.I.Y. holiday gifts you keep planning to make, but it can also be a time to explore new yarns, techniques, and types of projects (a.k.a. I’m gonna stop making socks for five minutes and make a linen crop top).

So, I’ve compiled some inspiration to get you jump started with your summer knitting plans! Most of the images have click-through links to free patterns, so do some exploring. I hope I’ll see you at the beach in a few weeks wearing a handmade bikini.


Free Pattern: Pussy Riot Ski Mask



For those of you unfamiliar, Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist performance artist collective/punk rock band. They’re known for performing when and wherever they want and railing against the Russian government. Two members of the group recently served 21 months in a gulag after being arrested during a performance. For lack of a better term, Pussy Riot goes hard as hell.

I created this ski mask as a tribute to these awesome women. I hope you knit one and feel powerful and badass!


·      Approx. 300 yards of any worsted weight yarn

·      Size #8 (5.0mm) circular needles

·      Size #8 (5.0mm) double-pointed needles

·      Stitch marker, measuring tape, scissors, needle


·      k: knit

·      p: purl

·      k2tog: knit two stitches together


Casting On:

Cast 72 stitches onto size #8 circular needles. I used the long-tail cast on method for a nice even edge.

Join your stitches to work in the round. Make sure your stitches aren’t twisted! Place a marker to indicate the start of the round.


K1, P1 for 18 rounds.

The piece should measure approx. 3.5” at this point.


Following the 18 rows of ribbing, knit 1 row of purl.

Then, continue knitting in stockinette stitch for 4”. The entire piece should measure approx. 7.5” at this point.

Eye Hole:

To create the eye hole, you will briefly work back and forth before re-joining in the round to finish the crown of the head.

Row 1: First, cast off 24 stitches at the beginning of the round. Then knit to the end of the row. Now, turn the work so the wrong side is facing you.

Row 2: Purl

Row 3: Knit

Row 4: Purl

Row 5: Knit

Row 6: Purl

Row 7: Begin the row by casting on 24 stitches. Then finish the row knitting as normal. When you reach the end of the row, join the work and resume working in the round.


Stockinette stitch for 12 rounds. It’s a good idea to try on the ski mask at this point and assess the fit. Depending on how the eye hole sits, you may want to add or subtract a few rounds at this point.

Begin decreases.

Row 1: {k2tog, k4} Repeat to end of round

Row 2: k

Row 3: {k2tog, k3} Repeat to end of round

Row 4: k

Row 5: {k2tog, k2} Repeat to end of round

Row 6: k

Row 7: {k2tog, k} Repeat to end of round

Row 8: k

Row 9: {k2tog} Repeat to end of round

Row 10: k

Cut yarn and weave through remaining stitches. Pull to close.

Eye Hole Band:

Pick up and knit 60 stitches around the circumference of the eye hole. Knit in stockinette stitch for three rounds. Bind off in purl.


Weave in all ends and wear!


Knit for Charity

The Penguin Foundation

It’s time to put your needles and hooks to work!

A handmade item has incredible power to brighten and benefit someone’s life in unimaginable ways.

Below is a list (sorted alphabetically) of awesome organizations that need your knitting skills to make a difference! Please contribute to this list by adding your favorite organization in the comments section.

Afghans for Afghans // “humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that sends hand-knit and crocheted blankets and sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, and socks to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan.”

Binky Patrol // “We are an all volunteer, national, non-profit organization making and distributing homemade blankets to children born HIV+, drug-addicted, infected with AIDS or other chronic & terminal illnesses, those who are abused, in foster care or experiencing trauma of any kind. Our recipients are from 0-18.”

Chemocaps // “We are knitting and donating hand knit chemo caps to wonderful hospital oncology inpatient units and hospice programs so that cancer patients who lose their hair can have a very soft hand knit cap to call their own to comfort their heads and their souls because they will know someone cared enough to knit a cap for them.”

Hats 4 the Homeless // “If you know how to crochet or knit or would like to just donate a hat, scarf or pair of gloves…The warm gift-giving feeling that comes with giving this gift will surpass any other gift you give this Holiday season.”

Knit-a-Square // “Together we work hard to help warm and comfort the children and we’d greatly value your contribution to this knitting project for the AIDS orphans of southern Africa. We ask the world’s knitters and crocheters to send 8″/20 cm squares to South Africa, where we have them sewn into blankets for the children.”

Penguin Foundation // “Knitted penguin jumpers play an important role in saving little penguins affected by oil pollution. A patch of oil the size of a thumb nail can kill a little penguin. Oiled penguins often die from exposure and starvation. Oil separates and mats feathers, allowing water to get in which makes a penguin very cold, heavy and less able to successfully hunt for food.”

Snuggles Project // “After being given a Snuggle, a frightened and/or difficult to handle animal is able to become calm. This calming effect gives the animal and the caregiver time to learn how to handle the situation. We believe that this calming effect has saved the lives of many newly-sheltered animals.”

Wrapped in Love // “To help families in time of need during palliative care with homemade blankets and items made with love.”


Love is in the Air: 7 Romantic Valentine’s Day Patterns

Try as I might to fulfill the bitter old crone label that my mostly black wardrobe and dislike of babies would suggest, I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. Go ahead, internet, go ahead and tell me that Valentine’s Day was created to make us feel sorry for our lonely selves and put an annual spike in Hershey’s profits as a result. Yet, I always thought the joke was on Hallmark. Of course I want to eat this candy and of course I want an excuse to be overly emotional  and of course I want to watch Sweet Home Alabama. So really, thanks for the opportunity. 

I know I am a minority in holding this opinion, but I really do wish more people felt the same! Valentine’s Day is a lovely and luscious time of year, regardless of your relationship status or Tinder exploits. So why not try to love the love a little bit? Mwah!

1.) The Jackie O-Tee by Pickles

2.) Dot the I by Flowermouse Designs

3.) Peace and Love Sweater by Anna Ravenscroft

4.) “Eye Candy” Colorful Reversible Eye Mask by Lauren Riker

5.) LoveSocks by Devon Clement

6.) Moss Stitch Bow Headband by Stephanie Fail

7.) Valentine Heart by Sachi Ishii


New Pattern: Bettie High-Waisted Shorts


It’s here! The pattern for the Bettie High-Waisted Shorts is now available for download! In case you haven’t heard, this underwear/shorts hybrid is the cutest thing since this puppy in a cup holder. And now that you’ve seen that…go knit some undies!

You can download Bettie on Ravelry or in the Hare & Anser shop. Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues while knitting this pattern. I am more than happy to help.

I can’t wait to see all of your cute lil’ butts!



How To: Start and Keep a Diary

The act of journaling can be an insanely awesome experience. Beyond the obvious egocentric pleasure of reveling in your own existence, a diary or journal is a tool of emotional expression, self-awareness, and creativity.

I began keeping a diary around the age of seven years old, upon the receipt of a mermaid-scale notebook. I filled it with doodles of Spongebob, fantasies about marrying the best dodgeball player in gym, and the occasional quip about art class. Since then, my diary has been an integral part of who I am (and needless to say, the content has hardly changed).

People seem so surprised when I tell them the majority of my existence has been documented by my own hand. “I always start a journal,” they say. “But then I just lose interest and forget to write.”

It’s always the same story. Yet, five seconds on the internet will reveal no one loses interest in talking about themselves. And this certainly isn’t a bad thing! Three cheers for self-discovery! It seems to me that the real problem is people thinking there is a set of rules and standards one must uphold in the diary-writing world. Fun fact: your diary is a private experience for a reason. Whether it looks like a carefully-curated catalog or an explosion of words and ideas is amazing either way! It’s all about finding what feels most fulfilling and cathartic. So let’s get started!



Picking out a brand-new diary is the second most fun aspect of keeping one (the first being re-reading it three years later and questioning all of your life choices).

Your journal can be anything from anywhere: a composition book from the dollar store, a fancy shmancy Moleskine, a sketchbook, or a handcrafted leather book from Etsy. You’ll know when something speaks to you. My only rule is: make sure it’s something you can carry everywhere.

There are also books like “Wreck This Journal” that provide a bit more of a guided experience. Each page has a different prompt or activity, and you’re encouraged to transform them as you see fit. These can be awesome for breaking out of a creative rut, or sharing with a friend.

Shop CognitiveSurplus on Etsy


As previously stated, there are absolutely no rules when it comes to writing in your journal, though many find it preferable to avoid animal sacrifices. If this is your first diary entry, start with how you’re feeling today. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Let your ideas evolve as they come!

Here are some things you can put in your journal:

Dreams, lists, your day, sketches, people watching, letters to people you don’t know, letters to people you do know, opinions on books movies and music, rants and vents, stories, poems, pressed flowers, collages and cut-outs, quotes, things you learned today, recipes, receipts, jokes, how-tos, news, plans, outfit ideas…

…And that really is just a fraction of the magic little world you can create between two pages.


Incorporating a diary into your daily/weekly/monthly routine shouldn’t be a chore. If you find yourself with little to say, try writing at a different time of day or in a different place. Most importantly, don’t force your thoughts. If your day warrants a sentence and a half accompanied by a sketch of a shoe, so be it! Excellent job! Gold star!

I tend to write earlier in the day–I get up at least an hour before my boyfriend and sit at my desk, considering the previous day and planning for the one ahead. It’s both relaxing and energizing. Some days, I find myself recording events in minute detail, while other entries say nothing more than “Klaus won’t stop licking my face.” Both are equally perfect usages of ink and paper.

If you let your journal interact with you in a way that feels natural and cathartic, it will soon become an essential part of your routine, and you can begin building a record of your beautiful self!


These resources might help get those creative juices feeling extra-juicy!

Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Bible is an ongoing journaling project that has created some serious loveliness.

The diaries of Anais Nin are widely-regarded as some of the most important published journals of all time. Beautifully written, inspirational, and relatable all at the same time. Essential reading.

Journaling Junkie and F-Yeah Journals are both tumblr blogs for sharing journal pictures and pages. Always too cool to see how others interpret their lives on paper.

Shop PaperNotebook on Etsy

Now, go forth all and create beautiful and magical little books of your lives! Tell me your grand plans and ideas! Document your internal and external self!

Long live diaries!