Coming Soon: GamerGate the Game


For the past few months, I’ve been using Twine to create something that’s a little sad, a little funny, and hopefully worthy of pissing off every Male Rights Activist on this sweet Earth. On July 1st I will debut GamerGate: The Game — a text based video game tale of one woman’s journey through the notoriously anti-female video game industry. 

Check back here in two weeks for the link to GamerGate: The Game. We can all be angry together!


Things I Love Thursday: Piglets & Psychedelia

The Spring/Summer 2014 look book for Japanese brand Katie It’s pin-up meets 1950’s good-girl. Yes and yes.

The first week of school Monday kicked off my spring semester, which is pretty much packed with goodness: my first law class, creative writing, and textile design amongst other things. I’m stoked!

This amazing list of free online educational resources  It features everything from language learning to free textbooks to music theory.

The ultra-trippy work of Justin Lovato Woah, bruh.

♥ Tiny piglets running around

Codeacademy Speaking of free learning, if you’ve ever wanted to learn HTML, Python, Java, or a plethora of other computer programming languages, I highly recommend Codeacademy. It helped me become super-confident in my coding skills and is a ton of fun.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf  That’s right, you heard it here first–I am officially the new mayor of Klausburg. Hit me with some friend codes!

What floats your boat?