Free Pattern: Pussy Riot Ski Mask



For those of you unfamiliar, Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist performance artist collective/punk rock band. They’re known for performing when and wherever they want and railing against the Russian government. Two members of the group recently served 21 months in a gulag after being arrested during a performance. For lack of a better term, Pussy Riot goes hard as hell.

I created this ski mask as a tribute to these awesome women. I hope you knit one and feel powerful and badass!


·      Approx. 300 yards of any worsted weight yarn

·      Size #8 (5.0mm) circular needles

·      Size #8 (5.0mm) double-pointed needles

·      Stitch marker, measuring tape, scissors, needle


·      k: knit

·      p: purl

·      k2tog: knit two stitches together


Casting On:

Cast 72 stitches onto size #8 circular needles. I used the long-tail cast on method for a nice even edge.

Join your stitches to work in the round. Make sure your stitches aren’t twisted! Place a marker to indicate the start of the round.


K1, P1 for 18 rounds.

The piece should measure approx. 3.5” at this point.


Following the 18 rows of ribbing, knit 1 row of purl.

Then, continue knitting in stockinette stitch for 4”. The entire piece should measure approx. 7.5” at this point.

Eye Hole:

To create the eye hole, you will briefly work back and forth before re-joining in the round to finish the crown of the head.

Row 1: First, cast off 24 stitches at the beginning of the round. Then knit to the end of the row. Now, turn the work so the wrong side is facing you.

Row 2: Purl

Row 3: Knit

Row 4: Purl

Row 5: Knit

Row 6: Purl

Row 7: Begin the row by casting on 24 stitches. Then finish the row knitting as normal. When you reach the end of the row, join the work and resume working in the round.


Stockinette stitch for 12 rounds. It’s a good idea to try on the ski mask at this point and assess the fit. Depending on how the eye hole sits, you may want to add or subtract a few rounds at this point.

Begin decreases.

Row 1: {k2tog, k4} Repeat to end of round

Row 2: k

Row 3: {k2tog, k3} Repeat to end of round

Row 4: k

Row 5: {k2tog, k2} Repeat to end of round

Row 6: k

Row 7: {k2tog, k} Repeat to end of round

Row 8: k

Row 9: {k2tog} Repeat to end of round

Row 10: k

Cut yarn and weave through remaining stitches. Pull to close.

Eye Hole Band:

Pick up and knit 60 stitches around the circumference of the eye hole. Knit in stockinette stitch for three rounds. Bind off in purl.


Weave in all ends and wear!