No Sleep ‘Til Rhinebeck

I am so thrilled to share that I’ll be attending this year’s Rhinebeck Sheep And Wool Festival AKA Knitter’s Comic Con AKA This Saturday! 

My best friend MJ will be flying in on Friday night, and I’m sure we’ll hardly be able to sleep. Neither one of us has ever been to Rhinebeck, and so we’re all the more thrilled. 

Of course, no A+ Rhinebeck attendee would be caught dead without their Rhinebeck Sweater. MJ and I have both knit multiple sweaters this year (something I never thought I’d say…and yeah, it feels good), so we’ll have a few options based on the weather. 

I’ll be bringing along my camera and taking tons of pictures–I promise I’ll try to snap a few that aren’t of me cuddling with a baby alpaca. 

I’m simultaneously thrilled and a bit nervous about meeting so many members of the knitting community, both old and new. I am sure I will flounder through a lot of nervous introductions and treat certain spinners or designers like a Kardashian, but so be it! And of course, if you happen to read this humble corner of the internet, please say hey! 

Anyway, I’ll have so much to share after the fest, so keep your eyes peeled this weekend!


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